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Top 5 reasons why you should visit the Pink City

Jaipur – the pink city- founded by Maharaja Jai Singh in 1726 – is one of the most visually arresting cities in India. The old city was so well planned that it has survived all through the centuries of change and traffic and stands as it did them. Old Horse carts and Royal elephants have been replaced by cars, cycles auto rickshaws and scooters. But the city still thrives  with its bazaars and crafts. Did you know Jaipur is also designated a Creative City by UNESCO for the traditional knowledge that exists with the artisans and craftsmen in the city.

From heritage sites to art to food to some modern offerings like hot air balloon rides – Jaipur has something for everyone. Here’s our list of 5 places in Jaipur which will give you a taste of everything the Pink City has to offer:



Built for grandeur and security on the hills. The rulers of Jaipur first lived high up in the fort. Why did they move? The spectacular fort houses the famous Sheesh Mahal. Don’t go by what the outside walls tell you – the inside of the palace will still leave you mesmerized. And what stories they tell!


Hawa Mahal

The palace of winds remains so cool in the blazing heat – it’s a place you could visit in summers. One of the most photographed buildings in the world hides an unexplored world behind its famous sandstone veil.

To know more about this place, download the Hawa Mahal Audio tour now

Jantar Mantar

A marvel of medieval astronomy, Jantar Mantar is a testimony to Jaipur’s technical sophistication. The largest sundial in the world is located right here and it is accurate upto 2 seconds !!


Bazaar & food

A mind-stirring mix of landscapes and cultural traditions, the city bazaars are the most colorful places. From the centuries old crafts, art, to pottery to clothing and jewelry, these lanes will take you back in time with a modern twist. Those lanes will also satiate your taste buds. The kachoris, jalebis, ghewar and the traditional dal baatichurma are a must have and carry back if you can



When you are in the land of the Royals, luxurious pleasures abound. The worlds best jewellers have their origins or sources in Jaipur from Amrapali to Tholia. Even if you don’t have the budget for those names, just browsing is pure indulgence. There are also budget finds in markets like Tripolia Bazaar, ManiharonkaRaasta and Johari Bazaar. Take home something unique and authentic to Rajasthan – like – thewa jewelry, kundan, meenakari and jadau jewelry.

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