India, the realm of culture and tradition

India – the land of culture and tradition.

India – the land of history and heritage

India – the land of food and festivals

India – the land of colors

India – the land of adventures


One of the oldest lands where the language, food, traditions, customs – all change within few kilometers – is one of the richest lands in terms of values and history and heritage and more. The vibrancy of the region has attracted travelers ever since. And they all have been awestruck with what they found.

Here we list down a few reasons that would want you to pack your guys and visit this land of a billion people.

Taj Mahal

The symbol of love is amongst the 7 wonders of the world. It may sound cheesy, but something about the perfect beauty of the monument that takes our breath away. Yes, even today.



From ancient rock cut caves & temples to monumental Mughal architecture, Indian architecture borrows influences from around the world and creates structures unique to the subcontinent. 



Historians believe it is the oldest city in the world. Locals believe Banaras has existed beyond time. Everyone agrees there is nothing quite like the timeless quality of the city at the banks of the Ganga which gives it its own place on this list.



The highest mountain range in the world. These are not mountains to conquer on hikes. These are wild, rugged mountains exist to remind us to introspect within us. To question, conquer and discover ourselves.



With billion people on board, there is a festival everyday. Each festival is celebrated with a fervor and wild abandon. Take your pick and revel in the festivities.


Yoga and spirituality

Take a break from the chaos of humanity that is India. Explore your inner stillness and balance using methods still practiced in everyday life in India.


National Parks

Cross a glacier and explore an entire valley covered with flowers – unlike anything you have ever seen. The world’s largest mangrove forests provides a habitat for the endangered Bengal tiger. With over hundred national parks, India is home to unique varieties of plant and animal  some of which are endangered.  Many of these UNESCO World Heritage sites are untouched and wild promising experiences you will cherish forever.



With the most diverse cuisine in the world , India is a delight for all travelers whether you are vegetarian, non vegetarian and even vegan. You will never go hungry !


India is a vibrant country, it has colours in every bit of it. Download Tripmyway to explore India differently.

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