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Top 5 reasons why you should visit the Pink City

Jaipur – the pink city- founded by Maharaja Jai Singh in 1726 – is one of the most visually arresting cities in India. The old city was so well planned that it has survived all through the centuries of change and traffic and stands as it did them. Old Horse carts and Royal elephants have…

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Jantar Mantar: A tale of magic and science

Rajasthan dwells in the desert, lakes and oasis and royal experience. As a traveler, one definitely sets out on a journey to explore the romance amidst valour history and some breath taking heritage. After hovering inside the magnificent Hawa Mahal, I relived the history with its chief architect Ustad Lal Chand’s vision.The moustache twirling, Jodhpuri…

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Sheesh Mahal : The Unsaid Story in Stone and Mirror

Within a palace, there is another palace that stands beautiful and dignified. The Sheesh Mahal, unrivaled in its elegance and grandeur tells us an uncommon tale. As a traveler, exploring Rajasthan always gives a mixed feeling. Witnessing those bare wrinkled hills, parched stone monuments, massive walled fortress and vibrant bazaars in a single sigh. Rajputana…


Rajasthan: A land that created its own magic

Rocky terrain, barren deserts , long days of relentless sun and aromas wafted over from the kitchens, gossamer heritage of Rajasthan is nothing less than magical kaleidoscope. Thinking of Rajasthan would always create a vision of the magic carpet flying over the desert outside the walls of the city with warrior traditions , hunting expeditions,…

History behind All Saints Church in Jaipur

In 1875 the Ruler of Jaipur State Lieutenant General His Highness Maharaja Dhiraj Sir Sawai Madho Singh Bahadur GCSI, GCIE, GCVO, GBE, LLD donated a large piece of land for the construction of a church for the benefit of the Christian population of the city. He further donated Rupees 3,000/- towards the church building fund….

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Orcha – Where serenity finds you

Have you ever thought of going to a place which has a sense of primitiveness, a place with huge monuments defining the old eras of Horses, knights and kingdoms, a place with castles and temples and historic monuments. Head over to this small town in MP, it is Orcha. A place built about 450 year…

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BAOLIS – The Water Temples in Delhi

India is rich with its splendorous temples, sculptures, cave painting, forts and palaces. However, something that is quite intriguing with their mind-boggling architecture is the step wells of India.  The baoli’s were not only the life line of the villages or cities but an architectural masterpiece. Also, it always mesmerizing to look at the symmetry…

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Chandni Chowk – The Edifice of a Pampered Princess

JahanaraBegum, respectfully addressed in her time as Begum Sahib or Padshah Begum was the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s eldest and most favoured daughter.Her contribution in the fields of arts and learning are well known. Besides, she was particularly appreciated for her interest in plantation of gardens. Chandni Chowk which, as Rebecca Brandewyne writes, since its…