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Welcome to TripMyWay

Hello wanderers, Welcome to the official TripMyWay blog where we talk about our travels and discoveries and also the process of creating the authentic self-guided audio tours for you to make you your travels a little more meaningful and a little more personal. Why TripMyWay? TripMyWay – the word has its origins in Greek literature when…

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Gems of Delhi you didn’t know about.

Delhi is a place of well known places and sights. But some places are not so well known but worth a visit. May be because they aren’t fancy, their is a sort of enigma related to them. These are the hidden gems of Delhi! Some of them are:   Agrasen Ki baoli:   Even though…

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Here’s how to celebrate the month of April in India

India is Incredible, as we know it.  It is a wonderful destination for travellers worldwide for it’s a land of fairs, festivals, and endless celebration. From diverse cultural to natural heritage amasses more than one could perceive within itself. So, this time here, we are curating a list of fairs and festivals across India that are celebrated fourth month of the Gregorian…